Phuket port to be upgraded

31 Oct 2011

A plan to upgrade Phuket’s deep sea port so that it will be able to accommodate more passenger ships has been put forward. At present the port is primarily a cargo-handling facility, but the ever growing number of cruise ships calling at Phuket has stretched its limited resources.

The 360m long quay at the port is only capable of accommodating one large vessel at a time and this frequently leads to tailbacks of cruise ships. The port improvement will see two floating piers, access bridges and a passenger arrivals terminal installed.

There are currently no permanent customs, immigration or quarantine facilities at the port. The new 900m² terminal would contain these as well as a duty free outlet, restaurants, a convenience store and better bathroom facilities.

The plan also calls for the site of the proposed floating docks to be dredged and deepened, the port access road to be improved and the car park to be enlarged so that it will contain 45 cars and 40 coaches. The total cost of the project is believed to have been estimated at 180 million Baht.

At a recent public hearing held in the nearby Katina Hotel local residents raised potential project problems that included dust from construction trucks and silt in fishing areas from dredging. Project consultants stated they would try and resolve these potential issues and put out a report next month. 

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