Clouds force Phuket flight back to Bangkok

1 Aug 2011

Adverse weather conditions over Phuket last Tuesday forced the pilot of a flight trying to land here to return to Bangkok. Phuket bound Thai Airways flight TG301, with 316 passengers on board, had departed from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok at 07:35 and was due to land in Phuket at 09:00.

Boonlert Nuanlaor, a spokesman for Thai Airways, said that when the pilot arrived over Phuket there were dense clouds and that after circling the airport for 20 minutes, with no sign of a break in the weather conditions, he decided to abort the landing and go back to Suvarnabhumi.

The spokesman said that the pilot decided to return to Suvarnabhumi as the Boeing 747-400 used for TG301 is too big to land safely on the runways of many airports. Although other aircraft landed at Phuket Airport at around this time, the size of the 747-400 is believed to have been a factor in the pilot deciding against a landing attempt.

The airliner landed back in Bangkok at around 10:30. Following reports that clouds had lifted over Phuket, TG301 took off again just before 11:30 and was finally able to land at its destination at 12:45.

In September 2007, a One-Two-GO Airlines operated flight crashed during high winds at Phuket Airport. OG269 slammed into an embankment at the airport and killed 89 of the 130 people that were on board. 

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