Phuket Villa Rentals Guide

Villas with a pool are very popular

Those holidaying in Phuket will find an impressive selection of accommodation, ranging from bungalows and guesthouses to apartments and villas. The most luxurious of these are the villa rentals in Phuket, which appeal to those who can afford luxury and privacy.

Resort villa rentals are ideal for those on short or long holidays, single people, and couples or families because they offer all the services of a hotel with the privacy of your own home. However, they don’t come cheap. A family-sized villa could be upwards of 50,000 baht (US$1,666) a night. If you have the funds, villa rentals are perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Resort villas offer the most privacy. They are usually surrounded by high walls and have staff trained to ensure guests are well served but not disturbed. You could spend your entire holiday inside your villa or in the villa complex. Most come with a complete kitchen (or kitchenette at the least), and some offer a shopping service to stock your kitchen or even a private chef to cook meals.

In Phuket, villa rentals are favoured over hotel rooms for their size and luxury. Villa rooms are much larger than hotel rooms and have more expensive fittings and décor; usually complete with wireless internet, cable or satellite television, and sound system.

You can find them with up to six bedrooms, and most on Phuket have a private swimming pool. Many developers will describe their villas as a home away from home, but these are homes that don’t need to be cleaned! All villa rentals in Phuket offer housekeeping services because they need to be maintained for their owners.

One of the prime attractions of holidaying in a villa is the service, and because these are upscale properties and you are paying premium rates, you can expect high standards. These include good security, room service, and restaurants and facilities. The pricier villas may even include a personal butler with a full-time staff of four or five people.

Villa complexes boast all the services of hotels and much more. The average complex will offer two or more restaurants, a spa and a gym, a large communal pool, a business centre, a library, bars and a children’s facility. However, because the rooms are so large and comfortable, you’ll find very few guests outside of their rooms, making it quiet and pleasant when you want to go for a walk or pop over to the gym.

The villa rental phenomenon has been sweeping across the island in recent years and most have been recently constructed. All are trying to outdo one another, making for some very opulent choices indeed. Staying in a resort villa is also a good introduction if you are thinking of buying a villa on Phuket.

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