Phuket Home Care Services

Attractive properties are easy to rent out

Rental property is big business in Phuket, and the market has been booming in recent years for homecare services on Phuket. Many people who buy homes in Phuket live on the island only part of the time and prefer to rent out their property while they are away or, at least, have someone maintain it with adequate homecare services.

One option is to hire a live-in maid to stay on the property and take care of it while you are away, while another is to rent it out or hire a property management company to look after it.

Rental Services in Phuket

You will get the most from your home if you rent it out while away. Phuket homecare services can do this for you without the hassle of finding every tenant yourself.

As well as making you money, having someone live in your house will deter burglars. A good tenant can be bliss, but a bad one can ruin your home and create problems. If you don’t know the person, it’s wise to use an agency that will check the background of potential tenants and follow up on the state of your home while they occupy it.

There are dozens of estate agents on Phuket who can assist with finding a tenant or provide homecare services, and some new developments will even guarantee a certain rental return on your investment.

Homecare Services in Phuket

Phuket homecare services or a property management agency will be able to make sure your home is safe and maintained in your absence. Such agencies will send someone to check on your home regularly to ensure there is no damage, arrange for a gardener to take care of the lawn, clean the pool, open the windows to air the building, dust ‘n clean, and conduct emergency repairs. They may also pay the bills if you wish to keep the water and electricity on.

Siam Home Care and Phuket Home Care offer property management for those who do not spend the whole year on Phuket. They also help in finding tenants for your property if you wish to rent it out. Fees can range from a few thousand baht a month upwards, depending on the size of your home and the services you require.

Security Services in Phuket

Although Phuket is a relatively safe place to live, burglaries occur most frequently at unoccupied residences, so it may be wise to arrange extra protection for your holiday home.

If you do not rent out your property and won’t be away long enough to require a property management agency, or just want some extra peace of mind, a good security system can ensure your home and belongings are protected while you are away.

It is even possible to set up cameras so that you can view your property online while away. A company such as Guardian Alarms can assist with selecting the best security system for your needs and install it. A basic security system starts around 40,000 baht (US$1,300) for a one-storey home, but it’s best to have an estimate based on your requirements and the size of your home.

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