Phuket Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in Phuket is big business, with the ethos of providing a high level of care through cutting-edge medical facilities and highly trained medical staff. All the latest techniques and equipment are used in the best private hospitals in Phuket along with English-speaking personnel. On the whole, Thailand is noted for its high standards of medical care and in private hospitals the service is considered world class.

Hospitals and clinics in Phuket have capitalised on its tourist hub status to provide medical tourism services, offering a more relaxed and pleasant environment than Bangkok. It’s a great place to be during the recovery period. Alternatively, it’s handy to get a health check or dental work done in between lying on the beach, and for a fraction of the cost back home.

Some of the hospitals in Phuket are world renowned for their services, high quality English-speaking staff, and hospitality; you can have everything from a face lift to braces on your teeth…more

Health Checks
Hospitals do a full range of health checks in Phuket for medical tourists - have a basic check-up for peace of mind or a complete bi-annual system analysis for US$100 or less…more

There are plenty of high quality dentists in Phuket offering efficient and professional services, such as teeth whitening, crowns, and even implants for considerably less than back home…more

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery in Phuket is safe, sophisticated and a fraction of the usual cost; services include breast enlargement surgery, nose surgery, liposuction, and face lifts…more

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Visiting Phuket for Medical Attention

The biggest advantage of medical tourism in Phuket is the low-cost of the medical treatment received; be it teeth whitening, cosmetic surgery or general hospitalisation. The doctors are generally trained abroad and speak good English, the nurses are professional, and hospitable and the facilities are modern.

For example, in between working on your tan, you can visit one of the many dental clinics in Phuket that are set up especially to deal with tourists. Even a simple check up can save you considerably, but if you’re in need of a root canal (requiring up to two weeks of visits) you could save enough to finance your entire trip to Phuket!

Thailand is a popular place to get non-essential cosmetic surgery done, and though most head for the world class surgeons of Bangkok, you’re better off getting it done in Phuket where you can relax in a nice environment while waiting for the scars to heal. More complex operations can just as competently be undertaken in a private hospital, where you get to lie on a nice beach as an outpatient.

Even a simple health check can cost you as little as US$100 and be done in a morning, giving you peace of mind and making this routine procedure quite realistic to have done frequently. And should you find yourself having to be hospitalised while visiting Phuket, the experience will likely be very comfortable and hassle free for your insurance or private pocket.