Beach Weddings in Phuket

Many couples are ditching the conventional large family wedding and running-off to get married in paradise. ‘Destination weddings’ appeal to couples for various reasons.  Phuket weddings on the beach have many advantages, but most couples are attracted by the more dependable weather and idyllic scenery. 

Phuket Weddings

Phuket is a very popular location for a destination wedding. The large scale of the island means you have a wide variety of options where to hold your Phuket wedding, as well as accommodation and activities for your guests. There is also an international airport in the north of the island, providing easy access for your entire party…more on Transportation.

While the main tourist hub of Patong is best avoided, the island has many more quiet beaches along its coast. There is also an abundance of high end resorts, most of which are located on secluded beaches offering guests maximum tranquillity…more on Phuket Beaches.

Types of Phuket Wedding Ceremony

Both Thai-style and Western ceremonies can be arranged in Thailand. Regardless of religion, everyone can have Buddhist weddings in Phuket. This traditional style often appeals to couples who are interested in Buddhism or traditional Thai rituals.

As this ceremony is led by authentic Buddhist monks from the local temple, all Buddhist weddings in Phuket take place in the morning. If you have your heart set on a sunset event perhaps have a Western ceremony.

The format of the ceremony varies depending on the venue or planner, but it is usually a shorter version of the traditional Thai ceremony, covering the main elements such as the almsgiving, crowns of sacred thread, and the water pouring ceremony. Western weddings in Phuket usually consist of a ring and vow exchange followed by a petal shower and champagne toast.

Phuket Wedding Planners

Regardless of your experience of Thailand, it is highly recommended that you recruit a wedding planner to help you through the planning stages of your destination wedding. A native-speaking professional planner who is based on the island will save you much time and stress, and allow you relax and enjoy the process of planning your Phuket wedding.

Many Phuket wedding planners work together with resorts to ensure their client’s special day is exactly as they imagined. Some also offer their own signature package. You can choose from a wide range of packages which cover different styles of Phuket wedding, including boat weddings and villa weddings. Booking your resort wedding through a wedding planner has many advantages, but essentially it means you have an accessible point of contact who can answer all your questions and ensure that your Phuket wedding turns out exactly how you always dreamed.

Tropical Weddings (Thailand) is one of the leading companies who coordinate weddings in Phuket and Krabi. They work with a portfolio of high-end resorts, including Anantara, Twin Palms and Indigo Pearl, to ensure every wedding is fine-tuned to perfection.  Your wedding planner will guide you through every step of the way, from the pre-planning stages until the actual event. On the day, your planner will be present for the duration of your wedding to make sure it runs seamlessly as planned.

Phuket Wedding Packages in Resorts

Most of Phuket’s upmarket resorts offer beach wedding packages, including both traditional Thai-style and Western ceremonies. You can view their various packages and compare pricing by checking their websites. Most packages cover the essential elements of a beach wedding, and there are usually additional options which allow you to tailor your tropical wedding to suit your individual preferences…more on Honeymoons in Phuket.

Basic packages usually include flowers, a celebrant and champagne. The list of additional options varies from resort to resort, but usually includes a range of entertainment, photography, videography and dinner for your guests.

Most resorts hold Phuket weddings on the beach, but some have dedicated wedding chapels or pavilions for ceremonies. When choosing a venue for your Phuket wedding, it is worth considering that many resorts insist that the majority of your guests must book accommodation at the resort. So it is best to pick a resort which offers a variety of room styles and caters to different budgets…more on Romantic Resorts.

Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas is a popular choice for couples who wish to marry in an idyllic setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the island’s main tourist hubs. The resort is located on the island’s northern coast, in a tropical beachfront garden, and tropical weddings here are held on the secluded beach, just before sunset. Accommodation consists of elegant pool villas, which are spaced throughout the grounds to offer maximum privacy.  The resort offers a good choice of activities for guests and has bars and restaurants onsite.

The Slate on Nai Yang Beach is another excellent choice. Sandwiched between a lush National Park and a stunning sandy beach, this boutique resort is very contemporary and offers the ideal blend of luxury and comfort. The resort can arrange both Western and Thai-style weddings on the beach, in the garden or in their signature restaurant, ‘Black Ginger’.

Twinpalms Phuket Hotel located on the hip and high-end Surin Beach, also provides a sumptuous setting for your wedding. They offer a wide range of venues within their resort including a wine room, penthouse suite and a Thai sala (pavilion). Couples can also hold their ceremony on the beach, a castaway island or luxury yacht.

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Other Phuket Wedding Packages

Tropical weddings in Phuket aren’t only restricted to resorts and villas, there are Phuket wedding planners and events companies who can make even your wildest dream come true. Some of the popular choices are boat weddings.

Weddings in Phuket specialise in beach weddings, monks blessings and boat weddings. They offer beach weddings on a totally private beach, without any other people around. Some wedding packages offer a combination of Thai and Western styles.

Phuket Function offers an underwater wedding package, for those who would like a truly unique wedding ceremony. The package includes a celebrant who will pronounce you husband and wife while submerged, and also an underwater photography session.

Legalities for Beach Weddings in Phuket

Your wedding ceremony in Thailand by itself isn’t legally binding. An option is for couples to complete the relevant paperwork to register their marriage in their homeland before departing for Thailand. You can do this in Thailand, but it means visiting your national embassy in Bangkok in order to get a statutory declaration. Many venues and planners offer assistance with this process, however, and it is relatively straightforward.