Phuket go go bars and gogo girls

Phuket go go bars are clad with pretty girls/guys

Phuket go go bars are clad with pretty girls/guys

Although Phuket’s go go bars are not as numerous as those in Pattaya or Bangkok, there are still plenty of choices for some seedy fun on the island. Phuket go-go bars add to the carnival atmosphere of Patong at night and many of the bars on the small lanes (sois) off Bangla feature girls dancing on a tiny stage, or sometimes the bar itself.

There’s a difference between girls in go go bars and those in the beer bars. Phuket go go bars are more private, with dancing girls who are generally more sexy, while the majority of bars are open-air, casual places with hostesses - both will go home with you, but go go girls are more expensive. Most of the go go bars are found in Patong, while other beach areas might only have a small selection of beer bars. 

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Phuket go go entertainment

Phuket go go bars are similar to the gogo bars in the rest of Thailand; with a long stage featuring girls in varying degrees of undress dancing with varying degrees of enthusiasm for the enjoyment of tourists of varying degrees of intoxication.

The outfits worn by Phuket’s go go girls are little more (and sometimes less) than bikinis and the entertainers attract plenty of patrons to fill the seats around the stage. Customers are usually more interested in the lovely figures on display than any actual showmanship. Some of the go go bars in Phuket offer a bit more of a show, with choreographed dances and live singers (all still scantily clad, of course); in others the girls look bored and the atmosphere is quite sad. Themed places also exist, such as Playschool A-go-go on Soi Seadragon, whose dancers wear the ever-popular Catholic schoolgirl outfit.

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Drinks tend to be a little pricier in Phuket go go bars than in normal bars and staff members will periodically come around to make sure that the customers are drinking their fill. You can wander in and out of the bars, but if you stay, expect to have to buy a drink.

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Inside Phuket go go bars

Thumping music, flashing lights and lovely young ladies parading their natural assets characterise Phuket go go bars. The focus is the stage, which usually dominates the centre of the establishment. There are seats around the bar for those who want to see the action up close, as well as small tables set a short distance back from the stage. The music runs continuously and the roster of entertainers rotates throughout the night. Most of the dancers at Phuket go go bars have a set schedule of time to be on-stage, but are more than happy to sit down between sets and keep the customers company. Find out how it works with Phuket prostitutes.

In some of Phuket’s go go bars, the ladies wear number tags. If one girl catches a customer’s eye, a quiet word with a staff member will have her sitting next to him during her next break. Usually the girl will request a ‘lady drink’. These beverages come at a grossly inflated price, from which the girl receives a commission. Lady drinks are one of the main sources of income for Phuket go go girls.

Should you wish to take one of the girls out of the bar before her shift is done, you will have to pay a 300-500 baht ‘bar fine’. Usually the girl will negotiate a fee for her ‘services’ before you leave, which can range from 1,000 baht to 3,000 baht or more, depending how beautiful she thinks she is, how gullible she thinks you are, and how long you want her to stay with you.

Not all Phuket go go bars have dancers on stages; in fact, the term generally covers any manner of bar which has lady hostesses available to be taken home. Some bars are really relaxed, where you can enjoy a beer, watch sport on TV, or play pool. However, in most of these you will invariably be approached by a friendly young women within minutes of arriving. There is little pressure here, as long as you buy a drink. Some of the girls can be a little forward but are generally fun and harmless. Of course, many are fickle and attracted by the most generous punter.

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