Bar girls in Phuket - night workers

Cheer up, it can't be that bad!

Wherever there are tourists there are bar girls and Phuket is one of the busiest magnets for these working girls, offering sex to flush punters. At each main beach resort area you will find a cluster of bars full of friendly hostesses, hoping you’ll take them home for the night.

Across Thailand bar girls are found in their thousands; it’s a well established routine to satisfy lonely men, and tolerated by the authorities. Typically, they can be found in informal open-air bars in designated areas of Phuket, while the go go bars are more discreet and usually have more scantily-glad and sexier women dancing on a catwalk.

Patong Beach is the main area in Phuket for bar girls, and most of the action is centred on Bangla Road – a pedestrianised street in the heart of the town leading up from the beach. Here you will find dozens of bars lining narrow lanes off the road, and each stocked with a dozen or more sexy bar girls.

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In other beach areas, such as Karon and Kata, even parts of Kamala, there are small clusters of these bars, where you can sit and enjoy a drink and some friendly company. You’re never far from it, and few people are bothered by it. The girls are there to go home with you, but outside of Patong you are expected to be discreet.

Meeting horny local girls for free
Most 'bachelors' visiting Thailand opt for the easy solution of visiting go go and girlie bars, but there are also lots of regular girls who aren't prostitutes but keen on meeting foreigners for a fling. Hundreds of lonely and horny modern city girls go looking online for sex with visiting or resident westerners, no strings attached. They aren't expecting money or a boyfriend and haven't been with scores of other men. The best place to meet these girls is on Adult Friend Finder, where there are more than 10,000 registered Thai female members.

Inside Phuket girlie bars

The whole bar girl scene in Phuket is pretty informal; certainly not embarrassing or seedy, such as a red light district in a European city. There is a general party atmosphere, with fun waitresses who will very soon sit with you. There’s no pressure; you can order a drink, play pool or watch the sports channels on big screens, while some of the better bars even have live bands. See the Thailand-a-gogo Bangla Road guide.

If you fancy a girl, call her over, buy her a ‘lady drink’ (slightly more expensive, sometimes watered down), and get to know her. If you decide to take her home, you will have to pay her ‘bar fine’ (300 to 500 baht), so she can knock off early. You should also agree a fee for her to come back to your hotel. This can be from 1,500 baht to 3,000 depending on how sexy she is, and how busy/quiet it is. Generally, you pay more if you want them to stay all night (instead of ‘short time’).

Bar girls in Phuket are generally friendly and sweet, who will act like your holiday romance, but some are hard, jaded, players; so you need to chat up a few first and get to know the score. It’s a good idea to socialise first to get to know each other better, and a few drinks at another bar certainly ‘oils’ her mood and improves the overall experience between the two of you.

Bar girls in Phuket mostly come from the Isaan region of Thailand, which is poor but can produce some stunners. They are just trying to earn a living, so it's best to treat them with some respect. Pay them properly and tip them if they’ve really given you a satisfying time, but don’t get sucked into dating them as once a girl has worked in a bar she has difficulty adjusting to a monogamous relationship. If you do take them back to your hotel, they will be asked to leave their ID with the security guard for your safety. They are picky about hygiene and prefer to shower before getting down to sex.

Can you bring girls back to your hotel?
Some hotels don't mind you bringing bar girls back to your room as long as you are discreet, while others forbid it or will try to charge you extra. To save you the embarrassment we've enquired with all of them and listed those that are suitable for bachelors; see the list, rates and booking here

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