Trains to Phuket and train timetables

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There are no trains running directly to Phuket. Passengers by train have to stop at the Surat Thani’s Phun Phin railway station. From there pre-arranged minibuses depart for Phuket, and take about two hours. Usually you can buy a combo ticket from travel agents on the Khao San Road and elsewhere in Bangkok costing about 1,000 baht.

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It’s still popular among budget travellers to take trains to Phuket however, since they are far more comfortable than an overnight bus. They do take several hours longer for the trip, but it’s far more leisurely. Thailand’s rail network is in serious need of modernisation, but the sleeper services departing in the early evening from Bangkok’s Hua Lumpong station are comfortable enough and generally safe. Ultimately, you might want to consider that budget flights can cost as little as 1,500 baht and get you there in an hour!

Trains from Bangkok to Surat Thani (Pun Phin station): timetable

Trains leave from Hualampong Railway Station, Bangkok
1 Rongmuang Rd., Patumwan, (02) 222 0175, Hotline 1690 (24 hours).

Special Express08.0516.45Air: 578, Fan: 438
Rapid *13.0000.22Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Special Express *14.4501.23Air (upper/lower): 758/848
Special Express *15.1002.00Air (upper/lower): 738/808
Rapid15.3503.45Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Express17.0504.24Air (upper/lower): 698/768
Rapid17.3505.48Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Rapid18.3006.23Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Express19.3007.06Air (upper/lower): 698/768
Special Express *22.5008.11Air: 578

Trains from Surat Thani to Bangkok: train timetable

Trains leave from Phun Pin railway station, Surat Thani, 13kms South West of Suratthani town, (077) 311 213.

Special Express10.4019.45Air: 578
Rapid*16.4705.10Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Rapid*17.3805.35Air (upper/lower): 698/768
Express*18.3706.30Air (upper/lower): 698/768
Special Express *20.2505.40Air (upper/lower): 758/848
Rapid*20.1409.00Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Special Express20.4105.55Air 578
Express *21.0408.35Air (upper/lower): 698/768
Rapid*21.2609.15Air (upper/lower): 658/728
Special Express*23.2810.10Air (upper/lower): 738/808
Special Express*23.5710.30Air (upper/lower): 758/848

Note: * sleeper train

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