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Health Services in Phuket

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Phuket has two private hospitals, four public hospitals and several small health clinics. The two private facilities – Phuket International Hospital on the bypass road and Bangkok Phuket Hospital on Hongyok-Uthit Road in Phuket City – have departments that handle foreign cases, including coordinating insurance cover and medical evacuation if required.

There is no public ambulance service on the island. Emergency transfers are often done through volunteer rescue organizations or, for many unlucky souls, on the back of whatever pick-up truck happens to arrive first to the scene. It's advisable to contact a hospital directly for transfer if possible, as each one runs its own ambulance service.

‘Health tourism’ is on the rise in Phuket, with a number of visitors seeking not only sun, sea and sand, but also surgery or other medical procedures while on holiday. The quality of service is quite high, and often available at much lower prices than in the West. Face lifts, skin treatments, dental work, joint/hip operations and sex change surgery are among the most popular procedures.

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