Phuket to gain another diplomatic mission

26 Mar 2012

Turkey has announced that it plans to open a Phuket consulate this year to serve the ever-increasing number of its citizens who opt for holidays here. On a recent visit to the island, Thailand’s Turkish Ambassador, Oguz Celikkol, told the governor that his country planned to establish a Phuket diplomatic station.

HE Dr Celikkol told governor Tri Augkaradacha that there were two flights a day between Turkey and Thailand and that last year 65,000 Turkish people visited. The ambassador added that as many Turkish holidaymakers then chose to visit Phuket, it made good sense to have consular representation here.

Dr Celikkol has been the Turkish ambassador for one year and he said at the meeting, held at Phuket Town Provincial Hall, that it was his first Phuket visit.

Earlier in March, Turkish honeymooner Nergus Tinc was among five tourists who died in a minibus smash just north of Phuket. Commenting on the tragedy, the ambassador said that road accidents do happen, but it would have been nice to have a representative in the area to deal with the aftermath.

Countries that include the UK, France, Norway, Finland, Germany, the US and Australia already have consuls or honorary consuls based on Phuket. The explosion in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the southern Thai isle has also reportedly led the country’s embassy in Bangkok to consider moving its southern Thai consulate from Hat Yai to Phuket.  

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