Phuket elephant camp announces birth of calf

5 Mar 2012

Phuket’s pachyderm population was given a boost early last Tuesday when an elephant at one of the camps here gave birth to a calf. Baby Pang Saifon entered the world just before 02:00, with a healthy weight of 75kgs, at Rawai’s Kinnari Elephant Camp.

Veterinarian Jirayu Nirunwiroj, who is attached to the island’s Livestock and Animal Health Development, said later on Tuesday that the newborn was a normal calf, but was being bottle fed as mother Pang Gaewta was not nursing her offspring.

Mr Nirunwiroj added that although staff were giving Pang Saifon bottled milk, it had been obtained from Pang Gaewta as mother’s milk was important to elephant calves during their first few days of life. He continued by saying they would try and keep the two together and hopefully entice Pang Gaewta into nursing her newborn.

Pang Gaewta’s owner, Sommai Salangam, said that the elephant had gone into labour at around 21:00 and started to cry in much the same way as humans do. He added that all through the birth it was raining, but when the calf was born it stopped and they decided to christen her Pang Saifon (saifon translates into English as falling rain).

Pang Saifon is the second calf to be born at Kinnari. Plai Peemai was born in January 2009 and shares the same father as her newborn sibling. Kinnari proprietor Jarung Taojan said his camp now had 20 elephants and that many visitors had been to see Pang Saifon since her birth. 

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