Historic battle to be restaged at Thalang

12 Mar 2012

Three nights of re-enactments of Phuket’s most important battle begin tomorrow at Thalang Victory Memorial Field. The historic 1785 Battle of Thalang will be replayed for modern audiences with a cast of 1,200 budding thespians mostly drawn from schools and colleges on Phuket and nearby Phang Nga.

The re-enactments will feature 12 scenes and island governor Tri Augkarasdacha will be making a cameo performance as King Yodfa Chulaloke, or Rama I as he is sometimes called.  

The battle came about on 13 March 1785 when two heroines, Chan and Mook, led the residents of Phuket, then known as Thalang, in breaking a siege by Burmese marauders. The attack on Phuket was a part of a larger strategy to invade Siam, as Thailand was called then.   

When King Yodfa heard of the two good ladies’ bravery in rallying Phuket to the aid of Siam he elevated them to the status of Lady. Lady Chan and Lady Mook are immortalised in statues on a roundabout near Phuket Town.  

Although the festival and re-enactments pay homage to the two good ladies, Phuket Council administration boss Administration Manop Leelasuthanont explained the 2012 extravaganza was also being held to honour King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s longevity as well as the birthdays of Queen Sirikit and Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.  

Mr Leelasuthanont added that as well as being an entertaining event, the re-enactments kept the courage of Lady Chan and Lady Mook alive for modern-day Phuket people. 

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