Police get ready for holiday safety campaign

19 Dec 2011

Police forces on Phuket say they are getting ready for a campaign to reduce road fatalities on the island’s roads over the coming festive period. Officers will set up 10 checkpoints on Phuket to ensure that drivers and motorcyclists do not drink and drive, or speed.

Although the campaign will cover the period from now until early January, the focus of the police actions are what is known in Thailand as the Seven Danger Days. Because Thailand is a Buddhist country and does not really celebrate Christmas, the seven days covers the New Year holidays from 29 December through to 4 January.  

In the same holiday period over the last New Year, there were 67 accidents on Phuket’s roads, which claimed four lives and injured 70. Phuket police boss Pekad Tantipong said the forthcoming campaign would try and reduce this high amount of accidents.

He added that this year there had been 97 fatalities on Phuket’s roads up to the 31 October, a figure well down on the same period for 2010 which saw 122 people killed. Major General Tantipong said the figures were an improvement and likely the result of more checkpoints, enhanced road signs and markings, and a drive to get motorcyclists to wear crash helmets.

The police chief finished by saying the figures would be even better if people using motorcycles on secondary routes wore their crash helmets and did not travel too fast.

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