Woman falls and drowns at Cape Phromthep

8 Aug 2011

A woman slipped on rocks, fell into the sea and drowned at Phuket's Cape Phromthep last Wednesday. The tragic accident took place at around 17:00, and witnesses said the young woman and a friend had gone past a no-entry sign at the picturesque cape.

Police Lieutenant Attawat Suwannarat said the witnesses told him that Chiang Rai native Yula Suwan, 20, was posing for a photograph on a rock when a large wave crashed into it. The victim jumped to avoid getting splashed, lost her footing and fell into the surf.  

Yula tried valiantly to swim back to the safety of the rocks, but the current proved too strong and she was unable to get a handhold. The waves sapped her strength and by the time sea rescue workers on a speedboat called to the scene could get to her she was already unconscious.

Despite the fact the rescue personnel administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it was too late and Yula had sadly passed away. Police said that during the accident the young woman had lost all her belongings, including her identity card, and there had been some difficulty in finding out her real name as her friend did not know her surname.

Cape Phromthep is at the southern tip of Phuket and tidal currents are strong as Phang Nga Bay’s waters merge with the Andaman Sea’s, creating a bit of a maelstrom. The cape is one of Phuket’s most iconic natural draws and attracts scores of tourists every day. 

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