Phuket resort complains over falling boulders

4 Jul 2011

The management team of a Phuket resort has filed a complaint with police after falling rocks fell on it. L'Orchidee Residences is located on a hillside above Patong and it was damaged when rocks allegedly tumbled down from a construction project going on above it.

A loud bang at the resort alerted a room maid to the incident and she went to investigate the source of the noise. She found that one of the villas had been hit by boulders and that there was a lot of debris in the area.

The maid called management to inspect the damage and while they were all checking it another rock hit a villa close to where they were. A subsequent check revealed that the latter boulder was a two-tonne monstrosity that had razed a path of destruction down the hillside before it stopped just short of a pool.       

Investigations showed that it had destroyed a concrete staircase and patio, trees, plants, a parasol and sunbeds. On the slope above the resort there were also loose rocks lodged against tree trunks.

L'Orchidee’s managing director said that anybody in the path of the falling boulders could have been badly injured. Staff at the resort traced the route of the rocks back up the slope and found that they had probably come from a construction site where a religious shrine and access road were being built.  

The company responsible for construction of the road and shrine are alleged to have accepted responsibility for the mishap and are currently negotiating a compensation package with L'Orchidee.   

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