Health checks in Phuket

Phuket hospitals tailor health checks

Getting a health check from time to time is a must to make sure you're ticking over okay and don't have any major problems brewing. Most hospitals in Phuket provide health checks that are comprehensive and accurate, yet much more affordable than home. It only takes a few hours, so it seems like a no-brainer to have a health check done while on holiday in Phuket.

You should have regular health checks if you are over 50, and you can opt for a basic test or a comprehensive evaluation including heart and renal function, blood tests and more. Medicals range from a basic check of pulse and blood pressure to urine analysis and chest X-ray, up to complete blood counts, liver and kidney function tests, checks on the efficiency of the heart, and all manner of other tests for less than US$100.

Health checks in Phuket are also tailored to gender - a prostate check for him and a mammogram for her, for example. It is recommended that people under 40 have a health check about once every three years, once every two years for those between 40 and 50, and once a year for the over 50s. These are offered at Phuket’s main hospitals as a package tailored for visitors. The doctors all speak English, the staff are professional, and the equipment modern.

Some of the other procedures you can expect in a thorough health check in Phuket include testing for diabetes and liver cancer, a uric acid check, lipid profile for cholesterol, ultrasound of the abdomen, electrocardiogram (ECG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), exercise stress tests, intense liver functioning, hepatitis B, and HIV tests. All of these specialist checks can be made in Phuket’s top hospitals.

Two of the best hospitals in Phuket for health checks are Phuket International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital. Both are close to Phuket Town and within easy reach of the main tourist beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata. They are similar in the facilities and services they offer, and in the quality of their doctors. Bangkok Hospital is part of a large group of nationwide hospitals and is more expensive than Phuket International Hospital. The range and prices of health checks, however, are quite similar.

At the end of your health check, the doctor will discuss the results with you and may suggest possible lifestyle changes to ensure you stay healthy.

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