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Ever since Phuket was first ‘discovered’ in the mid eighties as a tropical Asian destination, property has been booming on the island and it’s some of the most expensive real estate in Thailand out side of Bangkok.

There are some exceptional villas in Phuket

The jetset, Bangkok businessmen and expats wanting to spend all or part of their year here all want a piece of Phuket. Add to that investors, property and resort developers and small time businessmen and you realise there’s quite a lot of competition for limited sea views. If you can settle for something inland there is plenty of room for everyone, and plenty of local real estate agents in Phuket to serve your needs. There’s also dozens of projects offering fantastic retirement or investment villas, some of which go for a million dollars, with a steady stream of buyers.

Prime real estates in the popular areas like Patong, Kata and Kamala were snapped up years ago by Thai entrepeneurs, and are largely given over to resorts and commercial use, while private villas and other property in Phuket is continually under development on the fringes and headlands, such as Kalim Bay near Patong or above Kamala or Surin beaches. Then there is the Laguna complex of Bang Tao which was an area of ex tin-mining quarries which were reclaimed into pretty lagoons and five star resorts.

Those wishing to make a home in Phuket who can’t afford to compete with the millionaires who are snapping up property around the new purpose built marinas, can opt for housing developments inland, such as Chalong near Phuket Town. Others opt to build by themselves in traditional neighbourhoods, which is the cheapest option but fraught with challenges. The East coast, which has very few beaches is far less developed and an area many real estate developers in Phuket are looking towards, such as Koh Siree peninsula east of the town.

In this section we cover the main property interests in Phuket.


some areas have highrise or low rise apartments for short or long term rental, it’s the easiest option for acquiring a pad in Phuket... more


the last word in Phuket property, villas are popping up in every vantage point with increasing price tags and sophisticated designs, to rent or buy...more

Self catering:

if you’re staying for just a few months there are plenty of these units for short term rent, often serviced, which is ideal for many... more


foreigners can’t own land but many buy through their Thai spouse or a locally registered company. Others opt for a lease and build their own...more


you can create a lovely home in Phuket thanks to the relatively cheap cost of building, buying and furnishing, with an excellent choice of materials... more

Home rental:

many prefer to rent since you can’t own the land and there are numerous agents offering choices for all sorts of tastes and budgets...more

Home care:

Since you’re here on leisure you’ll want someone to help take care of your pad, especially when you’re gone, there are services locally... more

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