Phuket tsunami pictures

The devastating tsunami that struck Phuket on December 26th, 2004, left pictures of utter destruction. Tragically, more than 7,000 people lost their lives and the island’s coastal areas were serious damaged. These Phuket tsunami pictures recall the event and show some of the awful aftermath. From these pictures you can get an idea of just how powerful the tsunami was and what Phuket suffered. Today, thankfully, almost all tourist infrastructure has been restored, but the memory remains.

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The destruction of the tsunami on Phuket, in pictures

From these pictures you can see just how destructive the tsunami was. If you have been to Phuket before, or when you arrive, you will appreciate just how much damage and cleaning up has taken place since these pictures were taken immediately after the event.

All businesses for several blocks inland at Patong Beach were wrecked; cars were piled on top of each other, debris was scattered everywhere and among it all were countless bodies that needed recovering. Decades-old palm trees were felled, buildings collapsed under the sheer power of the water and whole resorts were submerged up to the third story. These pictures of the tsunami in Phuket tell their own story.

In viewing these tsunami pictures from Phuket we pay tribute to those who failed to make it home after their vacation or day’s work. Phuket is now as beautiful as ever and its inhabitants are trying to move on with their lives. A tsunami warning system - complete with alarm speakers and drill procedures (with occassional ‘test runs’)  - has been implemented for the safety of everyone.

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