Phuket photos

Phuket and the Andaman is such a beautiful part of Asia, we’ve assembled some of the best Phuket pictures we could find. In addition to pictures of all of the main beaches to help you choose where to stay, we’ve also included galleries on the islands and Phuket in General. The great Tsunami of Phuket is also remembered in pictures here.

We’ve decided not to bombard you with dozens of images of beaches that all look the same; this is a careful selection of Phuket pictures to give you an idea of the highlights you can expect on your visit. Choose from the Phuket pictures below - once inside the galleries, simply click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

Taking pictures in Phuket

Phuket loves being photographed as it’s a very photogenic part of Asia, with some fantastic vistas, great beach shots and lots of interesting people and activities.

If you’re on the island in October get your camera ready for some bizarre pictures of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, as the locals turn out with all sorts of self mutilations and mega-piercing in their cheeks!

Thais don’t mind being photographed at all, but ask first (Tai ruup dai mai khrap/kha - male/female speaker). They might whip out their own camera and insist taking a picture with you posing alongside them.

The best weather is from November to June when it’s dry and sunny, though you’ll want to get up early as it becomes too bright and hazy from 11:00 onwards. There are plenty of camera shops on the island and internet cafes all over the place to download all the pictures of Phuket from your memory card. Batteries and cameras are widely sold and are cheaper than at home, too.

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