Patong nightlife and after hours fun

Bangla Road is the centre of Patong nightlife

Patong is the largest and most popular beach resort on the island of Phuket, and this bustling area is famed for its vibrant and colourful nightlife scene. When the sun sets over Patong the party people come out to play, and the nightlife scene here is as diverse as the people that it attracts. While those who like to party hard will find plenty to keep them amused and entertained, there are also lots of low-key options for visitors who simply want to relax and unwind for a while.

Dining in Patong

Dining in style is the perfect way to start the evening, and Patong boasts an excellent selection of restaurants serving delicious local food and fare from the far flung reaches of the globe.

Those who are craving a taste of home will find restaurants that specialise in numerous types of international cuisine here, including French, German, Italian, American, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Scandinavian, while lovers of traditional Thai fare are also well catered for.

Many of the largest restaurants can be found along Beach Road, where Western food is all the rage. Fairly authentic fare typically comes in the form of steaks, seafood and roast dinners, while visitors will also find cheap Thai bites served from food carts near the beach and in party zones such as Soi Bangla and Soi Crocodile.

Western bars and pubs

Patong’s Western bars and pubs range from the fairly dependable to the decided less so, and attract large crowds of foreigners from all over the globe. Most of the largest and most popular of these tend to be located on Beach Road and usually serve a large selection of Western beers and spirits as well as bar snacks and meals. Some of the most popular Western bars and pubs that can be found in Patong include Molly Malone’s, Irish Bar and Little Aussie Town Aussie Bar. More on bars.

Live music

Patong go go bars are great fun!

Live music can be heard in a large number of establishments throughout the week, and is usually limited to pop and rock covers performed by Thai bands. Live music is usually played for a couple of hours starting from either 20:00 or 21:00 and can be heard in Western-style pubs such as Malone’s, Irish Bar and Reggae Bar.

Patong also boasts a number of Thai-style karaoke bars, where Thai performers take to the stage to perform a song or two in their native tongue. The performers are rewarded for their efforts with garlands of flowers containing 100 Baht notes, which are presented by their adorning fans. Local bands also play Thai hits in some of the bars that can be found in side streets such as Soi Crocodile.

Go go bars

Patong is famous for its vibrant go go bars, where lovely ladies cavort on stage to loud pop music. Although not all of the girls in these venues are naked, many are, while others are just scantily clad. Go go bars can easily be recognised by the lovely ladies that sit or stand just outside in an attempt to bring visitors inside.

Go go bars come in all shapes and sizes, and while some are simply places to relax with a beer or two while chatting to the young women who work there, others host ping pong shows and a number of other different types of stage shows.

Visitors should note that there is a fee for attending these shows, which should be established before venturing inside to avoid being stuck with a nasty bill. Despite their sexy nature, Patong’s go go bars are not simply the haunts of young men; couples also often patronise these establishments. More on go go bars.

Soi Bangla

Soi Bangla forms the loud, proud and slightly sleazy core of Patong’s nightlife scene. The bars here are decked in neon lights, pumping out deafening music long into the night. Those who want to really let their hair down are sure to find plenty of places to play here, and the establishments that can be found on Soi Bangla range from go go bars to pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, which come in all shapes and sizes.


Those who want to strut their stuff on the dance floor will find a number of nightclubs in Patong, while the latest tunes are spun on the decks by Thai DJs. One of the most popular of these is Banana Disco, which is located on Thanon Thawiwong, while Tai Pan on Soi Bangla always attracts large crowds. Other popular Patong nightclubs include Clublime, Hollywood Club and D Club.

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