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You deserve to be pampered in Phuket

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There are plenty of options in Phuket if you are a single lady travelling alone. Thailand is an ideal destination, offering you freedom and plenty of affordable activities and venues to enjoy yourself in. The locals are very friendly, and it’s quite common for foreign women to befriend other Thai girls and use the experience to better understand the country. They are quite open to making friends, without any strings attached.

Nightlife for women in Phuket

Phuket has a lively nightlife scene with something for everyone. Yes, there are row upon row of beer and a go go bars, but there are also several pubs and discos that are frequented by women enjoying a night on the town.

In Patong, you may notice that you’re dancing shoulder to shoulder with ‘working’ women and their prospective clients at a number of nightspots. If you find this unnerving, then you may want to hit places like Scruffy Murphy’s and other pubs that aren’t so keen on packing the place with bargirls. Upscale lounges such as La Diva are good places to try if you’re seeking a quiet drink in a stylish atmosphere.

Some women enjoy going to Soi Paradise, which is the heart of the (male) gay scene, but is open to anyone to come and drink, dance and take in a cabaret show. It’s definitely an interesting and colourful area, which also has a number of boy go go bars. If you do go there, be aware that not all of the performers/waiters/bar boys are gay; they’re just trying to make a living like their female counterparts. All of the ‘rules’ established in the trade apply – that is, your new friend will be happy to show you around, but you’ll be footing the bills.

Lesser known, but no less lively, is Phuket Town, where many of the nightspots cater to young locals with nary a bargirl in sight. Timber Hut is a longstanding favourite, with live music every night.

If you’re looking for some place to go where you can dress to the nines, see and be seen, and perhaps even rub shoulders with some international celebs, head up to some of the classy restaurant-lounges in the Surin Beach area, and also in Bang Tao near the Laguna entrance. More on nightlife.

Metaphysical pursuits

There are several new age activities offered in Phuket, including meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, nia dance, and shiatsu, among many others. Learning a new skill on holiday can make your break extra worthwhile and bestow new skills for dealing with stress back home.

Some places do offer women-only groups; however, you would need to enquire directly with them. Local magazines advertise associations and activities, with some of these groups in Phuket for women only.

Shopping for women in Phuket

Across Thailand, and also in Phuket, Thai women pay a lot of attention to their appearance and love to dress with pizzazz, so there’s no end to the range of colourful clothes/accessories and beauty products on sale in the markets and shopping centres of Phuket.

The variety, quality and value of clothing, crafts and other items here are enough to bring out the inner shopaholic in all of us. Shoes, in particular, are great buys here, with many sparkly and even outrageous styles to choose from. Silk dresses and suits are also among the favourite buys for women, available off the shelf or made to order. More on shopping

Pampering for women in Phuket

From a heavenly Thai massage on the beach to an indulgent full day of relaxing treatments at a luxurious spa, Phuket is where it’s at for pampering. Prices range from as little as 250 baht for an hour of massage to 8,000 baht for a comprehensive package that might include body scrubs, sauna sessions, skin treatments, Shiatsu massage and a hydrotherapy session in a tranquil setting overlooking the sea.

Some spas also offer ‘wellness’ programmes that combine spa sessions with weight loss, diet, fitness, alternative health regimens - such as tai chi or meditation - or even medical procedures.

Group tours for women in Phuket

Just because you’ve travelled here alone, doesn’t mean you have to do your sightseeing solo. Most tour companies will be able to book you into a tour with small or large groups of people for a range of activities, such as dive trips, mountain biking, sea canoeing and island hopping by speedboat.

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